Thursday, 11 December 2014

† Beauty † Winter skin care, face edition


Disclaimer: this blog post is pretty darned sciency, if I do say so myself. 

 So in continuation from my previous posts, I decided that winter skincare for your face deserved its own post.

-Most importantly, you need to pay special attention to the type of moisturizer that you use during the winter. Although it may seem like "all hydration is good hydration", water based moisturizers won't offer you half the hydration and protection that oil-based ones will. The oil will provide a protective layer for your skin, which will also retain moisture that your skin had to begin with, so it's a win-win.

-Achtung: Be careful when choosing, though. You want to look for non-clogging oils, such as avocado, mineral, primrose or almond oils. These are non-clogging, beneficial oil bases for any face moisturizer. Unfortunately (sob, sob) Shea butter/oil is controversial, because it has been known to clog facial pores, despite being nutritious for your skin.

-In particular, when choosing face creams, look for ones containing "humectants" (such as glycerin, sorbitol, or alpha-hydroxy acids), because, as their name indicates, they attract moisture to your skin, so they go beyond providing it on their own.

Sorry, I know that's pretty specific and scientific. In the end, if you know a good moisturizer that works for you, go for it, stick with whatever works.

† Beauty † Best moisturizing lip products

In follow up to my previous post about winter skincare, lips are a crucial element to keep healthy and moist in winter too. Instead of giving you guys a detailed scientific resumé, I'm going to show you my personal favorites this winter: 

From Left To Right:
-Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks:
Shades "Cherry Red", "Biscuit" and "Apple Blossom"
-Carmex "Moisture Plus" lip balm
-Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in "Guava"
-Maybelline Baby Lips in "Pink Punch" and "Berry Bomb"

† Beauty † Tips for healthy skin in winter (body post)

For many reasons, skin really takes a beating in the coldest winter months. To avoid suffering November through April, I've compiled a little list of things I do to avoid the worse of winter-skin.

-The most important thing is to keep drinking lots of water. Whilst in summer it may be the most natural thing to do, in winter you're not getting thirsty because of the heat. It's really important to try and consciously remind yourself to drink water all through the day. Although there's a lot of debate as to whether it directly affects the condition of your skin, there's no doubt to the fact that it's crucial to overall good health. This will affect your skin and improve its condition, be it directly or indirectly.
So, Number #1: WATER

-If you're experiencing blotchiness during winter, chances are it's due to a lack of moisture. When we turn the heating on, it sucks the moisture out of the air, which directly affects our skin. If you've got this option, you can turn a humidifier on in your room whilst you sleep. That said, not everyone has a humidifier, and it's not the only way to get moisture, so never fear.

You might feel the lack of humidity in the air most strongly in your hands and your face, which is fortunate because there are so many ways you can help this.

-Avoid washing your hands with hot water and/or stringent soap, which can strip your hands of any moisture and natural oils on your skin.

- Always keep a gentle moisturizer in your purse/backpack. I like to buy mine from Boots, in the travel section, because you can get any of your favorite moisturizers in mini size (which, naturally, you can also take on the plane with you). Beneath are a selection of my personal favorites:

From Left to Right: 
Soap and Glory, "Endless Glove 2-in-1 moisture mask and hand cream"
Soap and Glory "Hand Food" 
Bath & Body Works "Japanese Cherry Blossom"
Soap and Glory "The Righteous Butter"

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

† Health † Yummy low calorie drinks/ health drinks

When trying to be healthy and/or lose weight, one of the biggest steps is cutting out sugary drinks (INCLUDING their sugar-free versions). I found this super hard, even though I wouldn't have considered myself a heavy consumer of sugary drinks until I cut back. Over time, though, I've compiled a selection of healthy, extremely low-calorie drinks that will keep you from going back to that Coca Cola.

From left to right:
 Smart Water, 
Tesco Sparkling Water "Summer Fruits" flavour
Tesco Sparkling Water "Apple and Raspberry" flavour
Tesco Sparkling Water "Lemon and Lime" flavour

† Chit Chat † Newbie


You probably didn't find my blog by accident- that is, I probably sent you the link saying "pleeeease tell me what you think" or something like that. I hope, whatever your reason for being here is, that you like my blog! I'm updating it regularly, and if you like what you see, please do follow, it would mean the world, and it'll make me far more likely to keep at it :) (<- do people even still use those?)

I intend to make an About Me post, so stay tuned!

Peace out

† Health † Consider the caterpillar- Motivation to eat healthy

In nowadays society, it's easy to lose sight of what we eat and what is presented to us as normal food. This is one of the biggest reason why we have an obesity epidemic- the foods in the supermarket are deceptively fat-laden, and even "raw" food such as meat or celery has been fiddled with to make it more appealing (pure oxygen is pumped into packaged meat at super markets, to make it seem redder; this speeds up the rotting process). This overwhelming presence of dangerously unhealthy foods definitely makes eating healthy very difficult, especially with MSG (Monosodium glutamate) in almost every packaged food we eat. 

To help me get past what seems like a gargantuan task, I like to think of a caterpillar. Just a little guy, newly hatched out of his egg-pod, with no-one to advise him on what to do, or how to survive. This caterpillar's life, from his birth to his cocooning, is going to resume itself to one chief task: EATING. He needs all those nutrients pumping into his tiny translucent body to gather the strength that will eventually turn him into a butterfly

Note this: at no point does the caterpillar question what he needs to eat, or whether he should eat one thing or another. He goes straight for the food nutritious to him, and eats it as much as he needs to. It doesn't taste worse, or better, than any other food out there, but it's what he knows his body needs to be fit, healthy, and butterfly-friendly. 

Now consider this: do you feel okay being out-smarted by a caterpillar? He can, in his short lifespan, beat any human on this earth at healthy eating. The fact that a little larva knows what's good for him more than a complex human being presents YOU with your chore: Think first, and only, about what you body needs, and not what your mind is telling you you want. I know, easier said than done. But remember the caterpillar! He can do it! And he gets rewarded: he transforms into the most beautiful butterfly, the envy of all the insect kingdom. And you deserve that too. Be the caterpillar, and you will become the butterfly