Thursday, 11 December 2014

† Beauty † Best moisturizing lip products

In follow up to my previous post about winter skincare, lips are a crucial element to keep healthy and moist in winter too. Instead of giving you guys a detailed scientific resumé, I'm going to show you my personal favorites this winter: 

From Left To Right:
-Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks:
Shades "Cherry Red", "Biscuit" and "Apple Blossom"
-Carmex "Moisture Plus" lip balm
-Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in "Guava"
-Maybelline Baby Lips in "Pink Punch" and "Berry Bomb"

These three lipsticks are the solution to moisture and colour for anyone on a budget. They're just over a pound each, and the colours are spectacular. They keep your lips moist and don't just slide off like some lipsticks do, and they're very affordable. Plus they come in a very wide range of different shades. Here is a little look at the three shades I own:

(from top to bottom: Biscuit, Cherry Red and Apple Blossom)

Carmex is the must of all musts for anyone with chapped lips in winter. I usually go for the more traditional yellow pots, but I took a chance on this Lip Balm stick (I found it at Waitrose, I'm not sure how easy to find they are) and I've loved it. It takes away the small struggle with gouging the balm out of the pot when you're near the end that we've all experienced with Carmex pots, and it fits anywhere (I put mine in my uni pencil case). Closer look:

A great, albeit more expensive brand. It gives a really nice shimmery colour (I don't think they do matte in these little sticks, keep that in mind), and although it isn't specifically moisturizing, it rids your of any dead skin that might have been forming on your lips, and banishes chapping. A great two-in-one, which is worth the little investment! Closer look:

These two lip balms are a really fun cross between moisturizing lipsticks and normal lip balms. They have a shade of colour upon application, but it's more sheer and less apparent than lipstick might be. They come in a wide selection of crazy colours, and I chose Pink Punch and Berry Bomb because when I apply the two together, I get a more toned, in between shade which suits my skin tone better. You can mix the colours up, or if you're into more popping colours, go for one on its own! They add a really nice dash of colour to a winter makeup look. Closer look:

Black stick: Berry Bomb
Pink Stick: Pink Punch

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