Thursday, 11 December 2014

† Beauty † Winter skin care, face edition


Disclaimer: this blog post is pretty darned sciency, if I do say so myself. 

 So in continuation from my previous posts, I decided that winter skincare for your face deserved its own post.

-Most importantly, you need to pay special attention to the type of moisturizer that you use during the winter. Although it may seem like "all hydration is good hydration", water based moisturizers won't offer you half the hydration and protection that oil-based ones will. The oil will provide a protective layer for your skin, which will also retain moisture that your skin had to begin with, so it's a win-win.

-Achtung: Be careful when choosing, though. You want to look for non-clogging oils, such as avocado, mineral, primrose or almond oils. These are non-clogging, beneficial oil bases for any face moisturizer. Unfortunately (sob, sob) Shea butter/oil is controversial, because it has been known to clog facial pores, despite being nutritious for your skin.

-In particular, when choosing face creams, look for ones containing "humectants" (such as glycerin, sorbitol, or alpha-hydroxy acids), because, as their name indicates, they attract moisture to your skin, so they go beyond providing it on their own.

Sorry, I know that's pretty specific and scientific. In the end, if you know a good moisturizer that works for you, go for it, stick with whatever works.

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