Tuesday, 9 December 2014

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When trying to be healthy and/or lose weight, one of the biggest steps is cutting out sugary drinks (INCLUDING their sugar-free versions). I found this super hard, even though I wouldn't have considered myself a heavy consumer of sugary drinks until I cut back. Over time, though, I've compiled a selection of healthy, extremely low-calorie drinks that will keep you from going back to that Coca Cola.

From left to right:
 Smart Water, 
Tesco Sparkling Water "Summer Fruits" flavour
Tesco Sparkling Water "Apple and Raspberry" flavour
Tesco Sparkling Water "Lemon and Lime" flavour

These Tesco Sparkling Waters are incredible. First of all, they're 45p from Tescos, for a full litre (they also are almost always on deal, the current one being 4 for £1,50). Next, they taste freaking delicious. They don't taste like the horrible flavoured water that you can get sometimes, they're proper sweet and tangy and delicious. FINALLY, they're 20 calories per bottle! They're a win-win-win, and they have such a huge array of different flavours, I'm confident everyone could find something they liked.

From left to right:
-Little Miracles Organic Energy 
"Green Tea, Ginseng, Pomegranate, Açai, Agave"
-Little Miracles Organic Energy
"White Tea, Ginseng, Cherry, Açai, Agave"
-Little Miracles Organic Energy
"Black Tea, Ginseng, Peach, Açai, Agave"

These are also from Tesco (but I'm sure they're on sale elsewhere, it's not a Tesco-specific brand). They're more expensive, so they're more of a treat for me than a regular feature in my day-to-day. I can't find their actual price but to my memory they were approximately £1,68. They're 27 calories per bottle, but they're deliciously fruity and sweet, because they use agave syrup as a sweetener, which is natural and far less calorific. My personal favorite is the black tea and peach one. I tried out the green tea one, but it's not quite my scene (even though I love green tea).

From left to right:
Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea
Twinings Echinacea and Raspberry
Twinings Nettle and Raspberry
Twinings Orange and Lotus Flower Green Tea
Twinings Pomegranate Green Tea
(And many, many others)

Green tea is a must for any healthy eater (or drinker). I could go on for ages about how great it is, but I'm sure you've already heard all the facts a thousand times over (but do expect a post about them soonish). One of the obvious downsides of green tea is that it's pretty bitter, which can be a real deal breaker when you're looking for healthy yummy drinks. That's why I chose the teas you can see in the photo; I've featured some of my favorite flavoured green teas by Twinings (they're on deal at Tescos atm!), but like I said, there are wayyy more. When I first saw the Salted Caramel one, I was so excited, but also very suspicious, and worried it would be sugary (as in actually containing sugar). It turns out, though, that no, not at all, it's just as healthy as any other green tea, but it tastes A-MA-ZING.
The two non-green tea ones are both naturally caffeine free (because it's good to take a caffeine break). In addition, the Echinacea one is very good for your immune system, especially now that winter is in full swing.

There are soooooo many more yummy healthy drinks out there, but these are just a few of my favourites. Stay tuned!

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