Wednesday, 25 February 2015

† Beauty † Derma V10 B.B. Cream review

           SO. I bought this B. B. cream from Poundland a few days ago. I've bought one or two beauty items from Poundland before, and I've had just about a 50/50 success rate (good purchases include Olay's light day cream). 

The packaging looks similar to the Smashbox Camera Ready B.B. Cream, so I got a little excited at the possibility that I might have found a dupe for it. 

When I opened the bottle, however, I almost had a mini heart-attack when I saw the colour of the cream. I bought the lightest shade ("Light") because I have very fair skin, and it's very easy to make me look cakey or orange. The photo below doesn't do the violent shade of orange justice, nor does the swatch. 

The second photo is after a few minutes of careful blending...

Not only was the colour the furthest thing from ANYONE's skin colour, but the texture was horrific. On the box it says: "Gives an even skintone, disguises imperfections, smooths appearance of fine lines". None of those things were achieved on me, I couldn't even leave it on my face long enough to see how well it lasted, because I was the colour of a Cheeto. 

  • Price: £1. Beautifully cheap, if only it worked
  • Does it do what it says it will?: Hell no. What they labelled "light" skin is in fact Oompa-loompa orange
  • Feel on the skin: Like runny honey. Very thick, very clogging, and extremely hard to remove
  • Repurchase?: Never

I've read a bunch of other reviews of this online, and strangely others seem to have had a much more positive experience. I could've been very unlucky. 
For more about Poundland cosmetics, Buzzfeed has a really good article about most of the range

Peace out xxxx

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