Thursday, 26 March 2015

† Beauty † Grunge Smokey Eye Tutorial

So I'm one of those people who will go for a smokey eye if I wear makeup. I have a long history of worrying about how small my eyes are, so I tend to overcompensate. That said, smokey eyes are the BEST. This tutorial is one of my favourite casual grunge looks. 

This look is specifically showcasing the L'Oréal Super Liner Smokissime (not sponsored, btw). If I'm correct, it's a relatively new release (think end of January), and I am LOVING IT. For those wondering:

This is it in all its glory. The greatest thing is that it's actually powder, which makes it long lasting but also easy to correct if you mess up. 

(Full list of products used at the end of this post)

So, to start off, I did my face and eyebrows beforehand, because this is an eye makeup tutorial. 

  • Put a primer base across the whole eyelid. This is very important because the look is dark, and smudges can potentially enhance the look, but could also make it fail painfully. I used I <3 Makeup's eye primer, which is a cream, but you could also use translucent powder if you don't have a primer. 

  • Next, take a very pale shade of cream, or white, and apply it to your whole eyelid, concentrating on the inner corners. I used Nougat from Sleek's Au Naturel palette: 

Note that it's better to use a matte shadow rather than a shimmery one, because we'll use some shimmer later on and we don't want to over-sparkle it (we're going for grunge, not disney)

  • Then, only to the outer half of your eyelid, apply a slightly darker cream colour. I used #Love from the I <3 Makeup Selfie palette. Blend this one into your crease and up a little, as it'll serve as a base for the darker shades. 
                            (This one can be shimmery if you want,                                    because it'll be blended in soon)

  • Finally, with a dark grey/metallic grey, go into your crease and onto your eye socket bone to create and accentuate shadow. This gives the effect I like to call "Just woke up fabulous, dahling" (lol): it essentially makes your eyes look wider and deeper set, but also well hot. 

I used #Trashy (so fitting) from I <3 Makeup's Selfie palette. 

At this point, your eyes should look something like the pictures below (sorry that the photo quality isn't the best...)


I know it might seem minimalistic so far, but that's because of what the L'Oréal Super Liner Smokissime can achieve! 

  • SO now for the Super Liner. Using the tip, trace your upper lash line all along your eye. It doesn't matter if this is kind of faded or smudged, that helps the look. Then, using the bulb-bit (the fatter section below the tip), smudge a generous amount into the outer corner of your eyelid. Don't overdo it, because a little goes a long way!! Then just take your finger and blend it in until roughly halfway across your lid.

  • Then, once again using the tip, smudge a little black under your lower outer lashline until approximately halfway across your eye. Careful not to draw it all the way to your eye's inner corner, because that would make your eye appear smaller. 

  • Next, from your inner eye corner, along your upper lash line all the way to your outer lash line, take a liquid liner (preferably) and draw one long straight line. I personally ended it in a flick for added eye length, but that's optional. Your eyeliner should look a little like this:
  • You'll notice the shimmery white in the lower inner corner of my eye: this is the next step. Take a shimmery BRIGHT white, and apply it (using an angle brush or similar) to the section of your lower lash line that you didn't line with the Smokissime liner. This serves to open your eyes even more, and make the black-on-white pop. 
                             I used the Me! Me! Me! shadow from I <3                                 Makeup's Selfie palette.

  • At this point you're nearly finished! Just choose your mascara (I used Maybelline's Lash Sensational), and apply it to all your lashes. 

I'm still terrible at taking selfies, I'm sorry...


 And voilà!! 

Although it's discreet (as in no one is going to call you emo), its still definitely a smokey look, and will look good in almost any situation (provided you're like me and only wear black and Doc Martens...)

Here's a full list of the products I used: 
- Sleek's Au Naturel palette
- I <3 Makeup's Selfie palette
- I <3 Makeup Eye Primer
- L'Oréal's Super Liner Smokissime
- Maybelline's Master Graphic eyeliner
-Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara

And on my face: 
Barry M's Chisel Cheeks contour kit
Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer

Peace out xxxx

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  1. I've always wanted to learn how to do a smokey eye. Thanks for the tutorial!