Tuesday, 31 March 2015

† Fashion † My Go-To Shoes

Punk and grunge fashion can sometimes be difficult to emulate without spending tons of money on good, unusual shoes. This is my list of the shoes I own which help me to express my inner rock-star (lol). 

Doc Martens are "bae", to quote Vine. Yes, they're expensive. But you know what, your first pair will probably outlive you. They also just so happen to go with almost anything, and come in a huge range of colour, cut, design... I am absolutely in love with mine, I cherish them above any other pair of shoes I own (and most people I know...)



The Tartan shoelaces are also from Doc Martens' own brand, but when I bought these, they came with plain black and also electric yellow shoelaces.

You can do almost anything with an outfit that includes Docs. My personal favourite is a nice feminine skirt or dress, with fishnets/ripped tights and Docs. The contrast created is awesome. 

  • My Chunky Topshop shoes

I fondly refer to these as my "baby flatteners" (please don't be offended, I have a "unique" sense of humour). I got these on an amazing sale last summer at Topshop. I haven't seen them in store for a while, but I'm sure they still make similar ones. Alternatively, these kinds of shoes are incredibly "en vogue" at the moment, I'm sure you'd have no trouble in finding similar ones online or in stores.

     As you might be able to tell, they're really muddy, because I do wear them a huge amount. Because they're platform heels, they're actually very comfortable to walk in and I find myself able to stay in them for much longer than a normal pair of heels. 

  • My Asos Leather Shoes

I got these for Christmas this year, and I have to say they're amazing. Although they've only got a small heel, they're incredibly flattering on the figure, and the absence of bells and whistles only improves them. They can be worn with anything, and I mean anything! (Disclaimer: they're not super-duper waterproof)

Because they're quite androgynous, you can pair them with anything you'd like, thus making them great for casual, work, fancy, and also walking, because they're sturdy!

  • My Jeffrey Campbell Dupes

I love these so much. I found them at Primark around New Years. By that point I'd been lusting after a pair of Jeffrey Campbells for so long, that when I saw them, I had to get them. To make it even better, they were down 50% from 40, meaning that for the look I wanted I paid 20 pounds instead of the whopping 100+ pounds a real pair would cost me. Needless to say, I don't recommend these for a full days' wear: they are tiring. 

I actually Instagrammed as soon as I got them, and a few people got really excited. It was nice to see others share my near-obsession :)

  • Special Guests

I'd also like to make a quick shout-out to my cute mini-creepers that I bought in Russia almost a year ago. Although I don't wear them often (given that it's still cold out), they definitely contribute to my outfits. 

That's all of them! I do own a few other pairs, but they're not so much staples as "hand-me-downs" I've inherited from various friends and family members. Depending on the popularity of this post, I may follow it up with a look-book showcasing the various shoes here. If you'd like to see one pair in particular feature, let me know in the comments! 

Peace out xxxx


  1. I need a pair of the Docs. They just don't fit me right. I wanted to get the floral ones.

    Boba + Pearls

    1. I know what you mean, they took me a while to acclimatize to!

  2. Your "Inner Rock Star" rocks lol :)

  3. Love all of these!!! I'm such a shoe collector! I can't get enough and my style varies from grunge to business and everything in between, I sort of like to be a chameleon:)
    I've been wanting Docs for so so so so long. I may have to take the plunge already and get them :)

  4. Oh my god, I love the Jeffrey Campbell Dupes from Primark! I wanted to run out and buy them when I first saw them in a Youtube Haul but I don't have a Primark in my country :( love your shoe collection!


  5. I used to live in a pair of Doc Martin's when I was a kid. So glad they're making a comeback. Love chunky boots!

  6. I need to find boots like this for next winter! Super cute/grunge =)

  7. Love the docs! I had a knock off pair that I wore all the time until I lost them on vacation. Still miss those shoes :-/

  8. Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing

  9. Your shoes are the coolest! I just dream with Docs! :)