Thursday, 5 March 2015

† Health † When the sugar craving hits...

Anti-sugar craving healthy snack

I always get a very pronounced sugar craving at some point in the afternoon, typically when I get home from classes. Even if I've had a really good day until then, I'll so often cave and eat something unhealthy. I'll then go "oh well my healthy day is ruined", and the rest of the day is a write off. It's stupid that something so small should have such a nefarious effect on the rest of my day, but what can I say? The mind is willing but the flesh is weak....

SO here's an example of the kind of snack I'll have which will both satisfy my urge for sugar, but also keep me sated until later on, when I decide to have dinner. You can change this up as much as you need to, this is a prototype

-Green grapes
-Cashew nuts (unsalted, unsweetened)
-Greek style Yeo-Valley yoghurt
-Pumpkin seeds 
-Poppy seeds
-Agave syrup (optional)

Now, naturally, because this snack is varied and quite complete nutrition-wise, it's a kind of snack to have if you've had an early lunch, or if you've not been snacking all day leading up to it. It's a good middle-ground before stopping snacking completely. 

Enjoy! Peace out xxxxxx

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