Tuesday, 28 April 2015

† Chit Chat † Personalised Phone Cases! (DISCOUNT CODE)

This is very exciting. I have, for you, dear reader, not only an exciting website and gift ideas, but ALSO a promo code especially for you! Stay tuned. 

Wrappz is the exciting website. They make personalised everything. This kind of website is ideal if you've got someone's birthday coming up, but you're sort of uninspired, or you just aren't sure what they'd like best. A non-exhaustive list of the kind of things that Wrappz personalise:

  • Cases (Phone, Kindle, iPad, iPod...)
  • Wall Art
  • Mugs
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Cushions
  • Skins (for laptops, phones, iPods...)
The most exciting one for me personally is the phone case section. I got an iPhone a few months ago (my first smartphone ever) and I can't get enough edgy cases (check out my instagram for some examples). Now, I'm selfish, I'll be making personalised phone cases for myself, thank you very much, but I'm sure most of you out there could really make someone's day with a personalised phone case (or make yourself one, I'm not judging ;) ) 

Click here to check out their options for personalised phone cases. You'll see that they have a huge amount of phone options (not just iPhone). 

SOOO here's the exciting bit I'm sure you came here for: 
Here's the code to get 20% off your own personalised phone case: 
ALSO! That promo code is valid across the whole website, not just for phone cases :) 

And hey, in case you wanted more, here's a code to get a free skin for your favourite electronics (you only pay postage): 
Find the options for that one if you click here.

Peace out xxxx

Friday, 10 April 2015

†Fashion† Notting Hill Carnival fashion event

I was lucky enough to to be invited to attend M2K (Masquerade 2000)'s exclusive fashion event showcasing the carnival outfits which would be the centerpiece of the Notting Hill Carnival 2015.

  • Who are M2K? 
Glad you asked! M2K are an association, founded in 1992, who are at the heart of the theme, organisation and ultimate success  of the Notting Hill Carnival (NHC) in London. They're by no means uniquely affiliated to the London one, they attend and are involved in loads of carnivals across Britain. I can't really hope to express all I want to say about them in a short intro, so check them out on their website! 

  • What was the event for? 
The event I attended was showcasing the theme of the NHC, but even more excitingly, was allowing us to see, before anyone else, the outfits that they would be displaying at the NHC. 

  • What was the theme? 
The theme is "Revolve 3015". One thousand years from now, dissent and chaos will reign supreme over planet earth. With a harrowing present and an uncertain future, humans are not hopeful. A group of highly developed humans banished from earth, having spent time developing highly advanced technology such as time travel, return to 2015 to try and stop what created the Armageddon. (See full story here). 

The costumes are those of the people who come back to 2015 from the future. The mixture of sci-fi and carnival is truly a beautiful thing to behold:

I can't remember the actual titles for all of the costumes, but those I remember I shall add!


This is the Warrior Woman. Below is her male counterpart. My favorite bit about this outfit was the leg-lace! 

No one complained when he showed up...