Friday, 10 April 2015

†Fashion† Notting Hill Carnival fashion event

I was lucky enough to to be invited to attend M2K (Masquerade 2000)'s exclusive fashion event showcasing the carnival outfits which would be the centerpiece of the Notting Hill Carnival 2015.

  • Who are M2K? 
Glad you asked! M2K are an association, founded in 1992, who are at the heart of the theme, organisation and ultimate success  of the Notting Hill Carnival (NHC) in London. They're by no means uniquely affiliated to the London one, they attend and are involved in loads of carnivals across Britain. I can't really hope to express all I want to say about them in a short intro, so check them out on their website! 

  • What was the event for? 
The event I attended was showcasing the theme of the NHC, but even more excitingly, was allowing us to see, before anyone else, the outfits that they would be displaying at the NHC. 

  • What was the theme? 
The theme is "Revolve 3015". One thousand years from now, dissent and chaos will reign supreme over planet earth. With a harrowing present and an uncertain future, humans are not hopeful. A group of highly developed humans banished from earth, having spent time developing highly advanced technology such as time travel, return to 2015 to try and stop what created the Armageddon. (See full story here). 

The costumes are those of the people who come back to 2015 from the future. The mixture of sci-fi and carnival is truly a beautiful thing to behold:

I can't remember the actual titles for all of the costumes, but those I remember I shall add!


This is the Warrior Woman. Below is her male counterpart. My favorite bit about this outfit was the leg-lace! 

No one complained when he showed up...

This costume took everyone's breath away. My favourite aspect of this outfit (and the others too) is that they've made the feathers water-proof, because, even though the NHC is during the summer, rain can happen, especially given that it's the UK... 

This one is just beautiful. They did such a good job matching the models and the outfits, and I think this one is a perfect example. My favourite bits are the knee-feathers!

 The headband of this costume has a distinctly 1920s vibe, combined with an oriental touch thanks to the gauzy scarf in the front. 

Thank you to M2K for sending me this photo!

This lady stole the show. She was the last model out, and she was so resilient and 
full of life, she really ended the fashion show on a high. Also, if I had that body-suit,
I'd wear it at the beach in a flash!

Over all, the costumes were not only stunning, but also very practical when you think of the possible weather conditions that can plague an outdoors carnival! It would be incredibly hard for me to choose a favourite, but if I had to, it would definitely be the flower costume (see right). It's what I would love to wear to the NHC (which I fully intend to attend!!). To be honest, if I got to pick, I'd choose to look like the model, too... 

For any further information about either the Notting Hill Carnival or M2K (to rent a costume, or just to check out the events they're going to attend), check them out

Peace out xxxx

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